Scotland is a Top Birding Destination in Europe

From the Daily Record:

A BIRDWATCHER has won Scotland's first five-star award for wildlife tourism - for taking groups to live in caves.

Jeremy Hastings, 45, runs Islay Birding on the Hebridean isle. He offers 10-day trips where tourists sleep in caves to learn survival techniques.

His is among 22 nature based operators given a star award from Visit Scotland in their Wildlife Experience Quality Assurance scheme.

Read the rest of the story here or a more in dept version of the family business here.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, it' been four days of drizzle! No chance for digiscoping, banding, or even scouting for woodcocks for next weekend's trip. Argh. I'm pretty sure this is Nature's way of forcing me to work on taxes. I'm going to get through them today and maybe tomorrow I will finally see some sun. I must...get...through...receipts...for...the accountant...ehn.

Oh, to be a bunny tucked away in her little cardboard fortress of solitude with nothing more to do but disapprove of my receipt filing system.