Rainy Days = Photos Of Cinnamon!

"What are you doing down there, human? I don't think you should be doing whatever it is you are doing."

Still on day five of drizzle. Am I ever going to get out to scout for woodcocks for next weeks trip?? I'm having some non birding friends over for drinks Monday night...maybe I'll get them hammered and take them out. They'll never know they went birding.

On the upside, we did wade our way through the mountain of receipts that is our taxes and it was a great movie weekend--Vertigo, Les Parapluie de Cherbourg (takes me back to high school french class--thank you Madame Theobald, where ever you are), The Quiet Man (that red head is no lie), The Great Escape (lotta hot men in that movie--mmmmmmm), Radio Days, Singin' in the Rain (I think I'm going to talk like Lina Lamont for th rest of the marriage), The Big Lebowski (movie responsible for my continued use of the word "dude"), Amelie, and ...Midnight Madness (that was more great for Non Birding Bill than it was for me). Hmmmmm, probably would have made it through the taxes a lot quicker without all that tv. Oh well, need something to ease the pain of trying to read dates on faded thermal paper.

FYI - A reader alerted me that there are some red-tailed hawks hanging out in Greenwich, CT. They're looking for some names and thought blog readers might have suggestions. Got any good names for a buteo, send 'em here.

And for the record, Cinnamon would like everyone to know that she in no way endorses or approves the above red-tailed hawks.

Rainy days are also good for gettin' in some good old fashioned bunny lovin'. Can't have a rabbit with velvety soft fur and not rub her ears for a good ten minutes.