Cockatiel Freak Out

Okay! Here is the video from a few weeks ago when I had our dear cockatiel Kabuki on Showcase Minnesota. I'm on with Rob Hudson who is an impressive host--the first time I worked with him he asked about Anna's Hummingbirds--not often a tv host knows different hummingbird species.

But someone coughed in the studio and Kabuki gave off her warning call which she usually does when she hears banjo music or blue jays. It may not sound so loud on the video, but poor Rob and I ear pieces and so the call is being channeled right into the old ear canal--ouch.

Kabuki does calm down at the end, you can see when he rouses--ruffles the feathers. Also, if you notice that I sometimes switch from referring to our tiel as "he" or "she". It's because the first couple of years we thought she was female but now know that Kabuki is male but we still sometimes think of our bird as male. Poor bird, it has gender issues.

The segment is about four and a half minutes long and Kabuki freaks at about half way through.