Whew, We Have Woodcocks

Not that I was really worried, but I do like to make sure the target birds are targetable before a field trip. After nonstop drizzle for days, the sun started to peek through the clouds this afternoon. I picked Non Birding Bill up from work so we could stop at Surdyk's to advantage of their sale--and to pick up a bottle of scotch for our accountant (to apologize for our taxes finding their way to his desk so late in the game).

While there and also picking up some fancy drink for NBB, I took advantage of his good spirits and asked if he would like to come with me to check for woodcocks--"pleeease, I really need to make sure they are there before we have the tour next Saturday. It's sold out, with a waiting list, pleeeeease."

The sucker said yes.

We tried our hand at night digiscoping: NBB held the flashlight while I aimed the scope and camera. Every time I would get the perfect focus, the woodcock would take off. Aaargh. NBB's ungloved hands were getting cold quickly and his morale was sinking even faster.

I tried playing woodcock peents on my birdJam and speaker to see if that would make the woodcock stay in spot a little long, but that just seemed to anger it. It would peent a couple of extra times and then flew straight at us--it buzzed us. Even NBB seemed somewhat impressed.

We got a couple of shots and then got out of there.

On the way home all NBB could say was, "I can't believe you think that is fun. We could have been at home, indoors where it is warm, watching tv, using the internet, doing stuff."

"We were doing stuff, only outdoors." I reminded him.

"How many times can you watch a brown bird peent in the dark?" he asked.

"Oh, I could have been out another 45 minutes for sure." I said.

"Ugh." NBB said.