Insect and Arachnid Jewellry

You looking for that weird gift for the oddball in your life? Mom and I found it while picking up some bird seed at Edgewood Feed and Seed:

Actual beetles, spiders, scorpions, ants, wasps, etc in key chains, bracelets, and necklaces! Yes, they are dead and encased in some type of transparent plastic looking thing. Some even have a glow in the dark background.

Above is a glow in the dark cicada key chain on the left (wrapped in protective plastic wrap, that's why there is a slight glare) and on the right is what looks to be a cicada killer (non glow in the dark). Most of them appeared to be in the $6.95 - $8.95 price range--a bargain!

I picked up a glow in the dark spider key chain for Mr. Neil (because he has a character named spider) and spider necklace for Fabulous Lorraine (she just likes to wear things with cobwebs and spiders, so it seemed right up her ally).