Spring Watch USA

We need to get Jeff Corwin in a harness...I mean a binocular harness.

Looks like there is an interesting show on Animal Planet this weekend called Spring Watch USA, a four-week, as it happens, multi-media event. Filmed just prior to broadcast, this miniseries is a celebration of the arrival and beauty of spring across the nation. Hosted by Jeff Corwin (above) and Vanessa Garnick, viewers learn about the amazing mammals, birds and insects that herald the arrival of spring.

From their headquarters on Kiawah Island, located off the coast of South Carolina near Charleston, Jeff and Vanessa give viewers a backstage pass to spring from the animals’ point of view. With cameras positioned in nests, caves and other habitats, Jeff and Vanessa track such inhabitants of Kiawah Island as bobcats, red-tailed hawks, alligators, bluebirds and screech owls.

Corwin and Garnick are joined by Animal Planet correspondents Philippe Cousteau and David Mizejewski who also take cameras along as they report on animal activities from the rest of the country. Cousteau covers sea otters, sea lions and gray whales in California, from Sausalito to Monterey to the Channel Islands. Meanwhile, Mizejewski checks in on the great horned owl and the beaver in Georgia, flying squirrels in Northern Virginia and black bears in Upstate New York.

You can go to the Animal Planet website and at the Spring Watch USA tracker to check out an interactive map, play with the online bird and butterfly field guide, and even post your own signs of spring.

This could be cool, especially since spring has been a tad out of reach the last few weeks. Plus I'm in favor of anything Jeff Corwin. I have to say, I did get a chuckle out of this photo of the hosts of the event:

Okay, these are all people who love to get down and dirty in the wild--would they really ever wear white? It almost looks like an album cover for the Carpenters.