Urban Eagles Still Going Strong

Ah, man, I was just sitting down to whip up this entry and I got a UPS delivery of some books. I already have a stack of cool books that I've come across in the last four weeks that I need to share on the blog and now another book arrived that looks oh so promising: The Songs of Insects--by Lang Elliot and Wil Hershberger. I'm not familiar with Hershberger, but I loves me some Lang Elliot, this looks like it's in the same format of Music of the Birds. Whoot!

I went to check on the eagle nest near my home after a meeting at Minnesota Audubon. As I was driving through the neighborhood, one of the birds was flying low in the air, trying to catch a thermal. Every person outside was looking up with a look of awe on their faces. The trees haven't leafed out yet, so you can still see the nest. When I set up the scope, a couple of the residents walked by and had a look. They are very proud and excited about the nest.

The eagle in the nest looked like she was eating and then she hunkered down inside. Boy, the buds are starting to burst, in another week or two, this nest will be well hidden. Incidentally, while watching the nest in the scope, a pair of house sparrows were lurking at about 4 o'clock in the nest. They kept going in and out. I wonder, are they nesting in the eagle nest or are they looking for food scraps?

Has anyone ever observed other bird species nesting in an active eagle nest (or any raptor nest)?