Wrapping Up the Mom Visit

Well, apart from Tuesday the weather was a bit crappy in Indianapolis. Cold, rainy (and a tad snowy), and even a tornado warning to take me back to spring childhood--it's not spring in the Hoosier state without hearing a tornado siren. It didn't make things conducive for birding or digiscoping--the light was terrible--hence the bad photo of the sapsucker above.

Mom's fox squirrels did provide some amusement. I can't tell if the above guy is merely eating a peanut or laughing maniacally as he plans to take over the world (or at least the south side of Indianapolis).

Some plants were desperately trying to bloom and bud. I saw a few brave bleeding hearts, some floppy daffodils, and persistent red bud trees. I loved this mourning dove fluffing out amid some of the pink in a red bud tree. My sister Tracie was wondering why I would bother digiscoping a boring brown dove. In the dark light, it did look gray, but when you got it in the scope with the pink, it was a gorgeous bird.

I'll be taking the train all the way back home. I did start to book a rental car to take to Chicago to catch the Empire Builder to Minneapolis and avoid the train ride from Indy to Chicago. However, between $3 a gallon gas prices and toll roads (bleh) I decided to bite the bullet and just take the train all the way home. Oh well, it should be entertaining at the very least.

Ah, can't wait to be home and cuddle my disapproving bunny and Non Birding Bill (insert naughty, knowing French laugh here).