Mom, You'll Be So Proud, I'm In Newsweek

Sort of.

There's a new website called Bird Cinema that wants to be the You Tube for birding videos. It just launched and I have been playing with it to see what the video quality is like compared to using Google Video. Any the whoo, I posted some videos that I have taken with my digiscoping set up, one being the young Cooper's hawk bathing in the roof top puddle where I narrate, "I'm a dirty girl!"

Well, Newsweek has done an article on the site and selected that video as an example of what one can find on Bird Cinema. Gee, mom, aren't you proud? Your daughter's voice is in Newsweek saying, "I'm a dirty girl, I'm baaaaaad."

It's interesting to note that the article has the birder statistics wrong. But what can we expect from a publication that thought an article about a woman illegally killing a cardinal was funny.