Translating for Ornithoblog

I picked Ornithoblog for the 8 Random Facts Meme and he asked me translate. My French is a tad rusty, but here are what I think his 8 random things are translated into English. If anyone out there finds fault with my translations--please let me know:

1. I bungee jumped the highest bridge in Europe at 182 meters.

2 In 2000, I shook the hand of Charlie Oleg one evening at BDE in Clermont Ferrand, a few years before, I shook the hand of Jean Pierre Descombes (the voice of the "Right Price"). And I also did in a report at Julien Courbet's home (of Back on the Beach), what a class act.

3. My favorite authors are: Stephen King, Michel Tournier (Friday or Limbs of Peaceful) and Jack London.

4. I have milked goats, and made bread and jam.

5. I met my concubine under a real Indian tipi

6. I have a degree in "Master of Management"

7. I like to walk in the woods and along water's edge

8. I have been attack by a vulture (in a park), a pony and by a buzzard (hawk?) (it got me on top of my dark blue bike) but people are usually bit by poodes.

I'm not 100% sure on all of the translation there...especially the one about the concubine. Maybe that's just a pet name for his girlfriend? NBB has called me an infamous creature, I'm sure that can lose something in the translation. Again, if anyone wants to help in my translations, I welcome it. It's been awhile since my last French class.