I Need A Blog Entry

And Non Birding Bill says that writing, "I'm siiiiiiiiiiick, pity me, pity me." would not be a good blog entry.

I'm really not that sick, just a cold--nothing that some whining won't cure. I'm going to go out to Mr. Neil's and feed the bees, there's no point in staying home, there's some kind of pipe situation going on in my apartment building. It started yesterday with one maintenance guy coming in and saying he needed to look at the bathroom. Then two guys came in and said they needed to make a small hole. Before the end of the day, I had five guys in my bathroom drilling on four different holes in my bathroom. They're going to come back this morning, so I figured that there's no way I'm going to get some rest by staying home, so might as well take advantage of the perfect fall temps outside, even if my nose is too stuffed to drink in the smell of dead leaves.

Some announcements:

Birdscaping Presentation Sponsored by the Twin Cities Chapter of Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes

October 6, 2007

Saturday, at 10 AM: Oxboro Public Library, 8801 Portland Ave. S, Bloomington will host Mariette Nowak, Milwaukee 'Wild Ones' member and author of recently released Birdscaping in the Midwest: A Guide to Gardening with Native Plants to Attract Birds will speak about what can be done in our yards and gardens to provide havens for our lovely permanent and migratory birds. Free; public invited.

I just got that email this morning and I'm not really familiar with Wild Ones so I went to their website. When you go to their webpage, there's an announcement for their annual conference and Ohio blogger Jim McCormac will be speaking, but take a look at the photo they have for him. Here's the link. That is not the Jim I know. I've met him and he's this big burly cute guy that's the life of the party. That photo makes him looks irritated, worried, and not the fun guy I know him to be. Couldn't they get a better photo of him?

In other news, there is a new website dedicated to Comfortable Birding For All. It lists birding sites where someone with mobility considerations might have an easier time visiting. It's a great idea and I'm sure they would be looking for input from other readers. Check it out.

And finally, have you noticed the Bird Watcher Buddy ad under " These companies help support this site!"? That's a new company that is a social networking site for birders. I'm all for that. You can use this site to find a romantic birding companion or platonic birding friendship. Since it's new, you can currently sign up for free. Thanks BWB for helping to support this site.