Lot Sicker Than I Thought

I went out to Mr. Neil's to make some nectar to feed the bees. Lorraine was out there too, busy working, but every time she saw me, she offered to make me tea. I think I looked and sounded so miserable, her care taking instincts kicked in and just wanted to give me some soothing tea. As I was feeding the bees, I began to sweat profusely beneath the bee suit--and it was a cool day, I shouldn't have been sweating. It then occurred to me that I might be sicker than I realized.

So, I left, stopped at the grocery store, loaded up on fruits for our juicer, came home, and started boiling a left over roasted chicken for some broth. And then slept.

I'm a bit better today, but I think I need more sleep. Now, here is the question:

Non Birding Bill believes our box of Disapproving Rabbits books that people have ordered on the website that I'm supposed to personalize will arrive today. Do I begin the personalization process today, or wait until I'm healthy so as to not risk shipping my germs to the people who ordered a book?