Completely Unrelated

We just got back into town last night. When we arrived in Minnesota, it was about 30 degrees. A very pleasant temperature to ease us into winter. This morning I woke up and the radio weather guy said that the high today was 21 degrees...the current temperature being 3 degrees with a windchill of -12 degrees. Yikes! No, I'm not ready, that's January weather...

So, here are some odds and ends to make you smile: Here's an artist who takes found objects and turns them into arty vingettes. Here's Bye Bye Birdie and Scissor Bird. The non bird related stuff is very worthwhile, and you can find more at Bent Objects. I think my favorite is Ending a Dysfunctional Relationship.

Holy Crap, someone made a coot look cute over at CuteOverload. Who knew?

Those reading the blog with kids, may want to check this next link alone first, so you can prepare yourself for some 'splainin' to do. All I can say is that this is bird news from my buddy Olga.