More Odds and Ends

I keep trying to get photos of my mom's Carolina wrens but they are not cooperating...she does have goldfinches that pose endlessly.

So, while checking my bird news this morning, I came across an article about Geobirds. I had been kind of aware of it but haven't checked it, but the article got my attention with: "Geobirds ( is a multifaceted site -- part Facebook for bird nerds, part electronic field guide -- that promises to take birdwatching into cyberspace." I was intrigued by the Facebook part (not so much the bird nerd part--so tired of that moniker) but alas I don't appear to be able to do fun things like become different animals and battle friends, send growing gifts, or take quizzes. One feature the site has is a brush and color wheel so if you see a bird you can't id, you can try and figure it out. I tried to do it with the bird in the above photo, and it did come up with goldfinch but only confirmed it with a male in adult plumage.

Cinnamon's tv appearance went well, although here is a photo of Cinnamon disapproving of the morning show producer, Becky. As you can see, the producer took it hard.

Speaking of Cinnamon, Mom's cats have decided to seek out shelter under the guest bed until the reign of terror that is my rabbit leaves the area.