Odds And Ends

This entry is brought to you by the amazing levitating nuthatch--ooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo. Ahhhhhhh.

Well, Non Birding Bill, Cinnamon, Kabuki, and I have all made the long car trip from Minneapolis to Indianapolis without incident. Cinnamon has been here before and is just loving running around Mom's condo--it's carpeted. She popcorned (or binkied) all over the living room. My mom has two cats who are quite afraid of Cinnamon. I don't know why, but here is an example:

See what I mean? What a wuss!

This will be good, Cinnamon will be in a great mood before her tv appearance and signing. If you're in the Indianapolis area Saturday, watch WISH TV between 8:30am - 9am or come say hi and get your own personal disapproval at Big Hat Books at 4pm. You can also see how short my mother is--if you think I'm short, she's even tinier. We'll also have the great folks from the Indiana House Rabbit Society on hand with live bunnies. Live bunnies and books--what could be a better combo?

I'm trying to sift through my email and found the following message from Lorraine:

"uh, I found a frozen bird in a bag in our freezer today. Not the
kind you eat. Did anyone mention this to you or is it yours? Just

When I find a freshly killed bird that is still fairly in tact, I will freeze it and take it with me to donate the Bell Museum. Last time I was out her way, a junco had hit the window and I put it in the freezer to take with me when I left...and forgot. Oops. I'm so lucky to have friends who put with my weird ways. NBB still has not gotten used to frozen birds in the freezer.

Speaking of NBB, I forgot to mention that he got one heck of an honor. A couple of months ago, I got an email from the editor of The Albatross, the newsletter for the Santa Cruz Bird Club. She wanted to use an excerpt from my blog in their newsletter. I was honored and excited and then I noticed which entry they wanted to use. It was the Brown Bird entry that my darling husband wrote while guest blogging for me. He's now getting no end of enjoyment lording over my head that he's been published in The Albatross and I have not. Sigh. I am proud of him and I wonder how long he's going to keep being a non birder--I mean, c'mon, he's now been published in a bird publication...what's next, giving a paper at the next American Ornithologists' Union Conference??