A Harbor Seal Climbs A Tree In Connecticut

You may have to click on the above photo to see a larger version and read the accompanying caption. Can you catch the mistake made in Saturday's Hartford Courant? If you can't read the caption, I'll give you a hint: I'm at a Bald Eagle Festival...
I did not get any photos of eagles today at the Connecticut Audubon Eagle Festival. Number one, I didn't properly store my batteries and the cold air drained them. Number two, my scope is being used as a display at the Swarovski booth so it's priority one that passersbys get a chance to see a bald eagle nest through a Swarovski scope. I did get a photo of a distant harbor seal that swam up the Connecticut River and hauled itself up on a fallen tree. Oh to be a lardy mammal and loaf on a log! Not quite as exciting as having the Colbert Report here last year, but still mighty fun.

And because I need another bird photo, here's a junco from the yard outside the house. I'm staying with Clay Taylor (the Swarovski rep at bird festivals) and his family. It's fun riding around town with Clay and his wife Debbie--they know the history, geology, birds, buildings--all sorts of stuff. The other day we drove by Morley Safer's house, Katherine Hepburn's old house, and the opera house that first premiered Man of La Mancha and Annie. One of those musicals I could see again, the other would just induce a fit of me banging my head against the wall for relief.

The day though fun has totally worn me out. After being in a booth along the river outdoors all day, we came home to a hot spagetti meal that Debbie made and then topped it off with a chocolate trifle that Clay made--YUM. Tomorrow, we are going to stop at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast before hitting the booth. After last year's heartbreak of being told by an employee that my favorite type of donut had been discontinued, I've been sent lots of emails by readers telling me to give it another go and that it is still available at other various other locations. I'm keeping my expectations low and my options open, but I do enjoy a Dunkin Donuts coffee--it is a vice too, it's not shade grown, but I love it anyway.