Cranes Cranes Cranes

What a strange week this has been. I've been trying to catch up on all the work I was behind on from being sick last week and then I got a mysterious email inviting me to was none other than Birding Is Not A Crime who just happened to be in town on business. Non Birding Bill even came along and if anyone is curious--BINAC is not an ax murderer and we had a great time full of laughs.

I was on the phone with my mom (who lives in Indiana) the other day and her call waiting went off. It was my sister Monica calling to let her know that her husband Dave spotted sandhill cranes in the field across the street from their house.

So my mom came back to my call and said that she loved talking to me but she really wanted to go see those cranes. Dave took some photos and Monica sen them over. This is in a suburb of Indianapolis and the cranes are taking a break from their migration to feed.

Cranes are just in the air right now, starting their migration. Thursday morning I'm heading out with a group to Nebraska to see some migrating sandhills and hopefully hook up with Paul Johnsgard and maybe even Julie Zickefoose. She's going to be out there for a bluebird convention but she will be busy and we may just be two ships passing in the night.

Keep your eyes open for migrating cranes.