New Digiscoping Camera

I need a new digiscoping camera--my Fuji FinePix E900 has been awesome, but I've dropped it many times, there is a permanent spot on an inner lens, much of the rubber coating is off, and it's covered in proposlis.

Swarovski keeps an up to date list of the cameras that work best with their scopes and one of the top cameras at the moment is the Cannon A570 IS--it's a great camera and it's currently on sale. I got it at B&H for $149!

I got it on Tuesday and took it for a test drive yesterday. The view screen on it is HUGE, I think I'm going to love working with this camera. I wanted to have some working knowledge of the camera before I try it out in Nebraska, but I think the transition is going to be a smooth one.

I remember thinking my Fuji camera has all sorts of settings, but this one has way more bells and whistles--it even has a setting for taking photos in snow--handy in Minnesota. It even has a setting for fireworks, pets, and the macro seems decent. All the photos in this entry were taken with the new camera and I'm pleased with the initial results.

I have to say that I saw a sign of spring in the Twin Cities yesterday. I didn't get a photo, but I saw a female brown-headed cowbird. Oh Joy!

Okay, now I have to get ready to leave for Nebraska.