Revamping Of Bird Girl

I interrupt my scheduled entries of Nebraska birding to point out Adventures of Bird Girl. I was checking out Birder's Web Ring and wondering about joining when this blog tag caught my eye:

Adventures of Bird Girl new site
The birding adventures of a 13 year old bird expert and nature enthusiast.

A thirteen year old bird expert? I am intrigued! I went to the site and LOVED the tagline (and the angst coming through). Check it out:

I am a 13 year old bird-watcher, or birder. I often have had to deal with adults (birders) assuming, because I am young, I don't actually know what I am talking about. I proved with my old website that, if I kept my age anonymous, people took me seriously and actually found me quite knowledgeable about birds, even after knowing my age. I have also had to deal with people telling me how geeky or nerdy birding is. I will tell you right now not to waste your time because there is no way I will ever be convinced that I am a geek, or that birding isn't cool. I love nature and wildlife more than anything in the world.

I think this is the blog to watch. In some ways, I feel like I'm seeing myself 20 years ago. We even blog on similar topics. Here's my entry on bird paraphernalia last May and here is a recent post that she did on her bird stuff--I love that we have the same socks.

So, go over and give Bird Girl some love and make sure she knows that not only is she not geeky, but not alone in her quest.