Lisa Snellings Bee Art & Honey For Sale

I am not an artist. Sometimes, I don't understand artists, I'm more of a natural history girl, but I know lots of artists and I'm learning.

One of my favorite artists named Lisa Snellings-Clark has created some art out of our Kitty Beehive that died over this past winter. Not only that, you can bid on this piece and it even comes with honey from the actual hive, which I must say is some of the tastiest honey out there--it truly tastes like the wildflowers and fruit tree blossoms smell in spring.

It's nice to know that Queen Kitty lives in on in art.

Speaking of hives, I have it on good authority from Lorraine that the new Olga queen is out of her cage and appears to be accepted by the hive. Hopefully she's laying eggs and lots of new larvae is underway.