Sapsucker Looking Rough

I got a message today that Mr. Neil's sapsucker was looking a little funky. I think his exact words were, "It looks like it's been dipped in KY Jelly." I joked, "Well, it is mating season." And there was a long pause.

I'm not sure if the joke wasn't all that funny or if people aren't used to me making bird jokes. I told him to email me some photos and the sapsucker, the sapsucker who looked so fine in April and even rather dapper in May, looks downright ratty in June.

Check out the horns! So, I'm not sure what's going on here. Did he arrive fresh from a neighboring birdbath? Did he not pay attention to his drilling and slip into some sap? Did he sleep in a tree cavity with a hole over the top and get rained on? Is he doing the flight of shame?

We shall just have to keep our eyes open for him and see what happens, he's still coming in for nuts and sunflower hearts on the copper feeder, that's a good sign.