Kickin' It With A Fox Sparrow

I was watching some fox sparrows while practicing with the SLR. You know, you can take some fabu photos with an SLR camera, but I think for blogging, I prefer my little point and shoot camera. It's easier to tote with all my gear and I can take video! Like the fox sparrow below. Note the kicking--that's one of the fun things about watching a fox sparrow (well, there are many fun things about fox sparrows): the rusty reds, they're so big, and as said earlier--the kicking.

Fox sparrows kick away whatever is in the way to get access to seeds. You typically see them do this in leaf litter, but note what the fox sparrow is kicking around in the video--empty sunflower seed shells. This is a good reminder that it is important to keep your feeding stations clean--not only the feeders themselves, but on the ground too. Empty seed shells can get wet and create unhealthy situations. Would you want to eat some forgotten seeds hidden under a pile of damp sunflower shells?

Can I say how much it tickles me that after my fox sparrow video plays, one of my favorite videos of a fox sparrow is suggested by YouTube (taken by the awesomeness that is Mike McDowell, he totally, I watching too much LA Ink). Anyway, if you haven't seen it, check it out. He was filming a fox sparrow and when he went home and downloaded the video, discovered he captured a bonus on video.