Skywatch Friday - Birders Under An Ohio Sky

After the disturbing previous post, readers have been asking for a little cleansing. What better way to get that cleanse than from Skywatch Friday? Bloggers post a photo of sky, link to Skywatch Friday and then add their link to the Skywatch page and there you have a page full of skies to watch on a Friday (what better way to wrap up the last few hours of work)?

I have been at Carpenter lately, I've been travelling. Above is from last weekend's trip to Ohio. It was a cold and frosty Sunday morning at Funk Bottoms NWR. I love the sun shining down on our little field trip.

The morning was all around gorgeousness and as we wrapped things up around noon, turkey vultures tried to catch thermals--warm currents of air that allow them to glide upwards with little effort. The small flock flew in front of the moon--perfect.

Today, I find myself in Cape May, NJ. This afternoon, I met up with a friend and we birded a bit at Brigantine. I found this egret matching well with the clouds overhead.