Ghost Bird Movie

Well, well, well, ivory-billed woodpeckers are still in the news! If you're not tempted to get one for the $50,000 reward, there's a movie called Ghost Bird coming about the whole IBWO phenom. Here's a trailer:

Two things struck me about the trailer. Number one, the use of the song "Where Is My Mind." I think the first time I heard that song was the movie Fight Club (love that movie). And for some reason I always thought of it in association with the ivory-bill. When I would listen to it, I would imagine what it would be like seeing one (and this was before the whole rediscovery thing). So, kudos to them for using it.

The second thing that struck me is that the Ivory-billed Skeptic blogger is in the documentary. I giggled aloud when I saw that. Man, that was a blog that stirred the pot and then totally disappeared. If you're wondering what happened that blog, now that people have lost interest in woodpecker skepticism, he's moved on to climate change skepticism (you go, boy). My fondest memory of that blogger was that once I linked to him in a very tongue and cheek manner and he sent me an email informing me that I need to take him a bit more seriously because David Sibley and Jerome Jackson read his blog. Oooooooooo.

Ah, good times.

Looks interesting, perhaps even a little bit Waiting For Guffman-ish. I think the press release says it will be out in January 2009.