Misunderstood Birder Underwear

Wow, that was a title I never thought I would write.

Playing around on Magnificent Frigatebird, I found some underwear that might be confusing if you were dating a non birder. I should mention that all of these are available as either boxers or thongs.

First, in England, birders are called twitchers and instead of birding you go twitching. So, if you didn't know that, the following underwear could be interpreted as a warning label:

Something else is that in England, bird is another name for woman. So, this could be considered a bit randy:

I bet we won't be seeing that at a Wild Birds Unlimited any time soon. Also falling under the category of "you're just asking for it" would be this:

I'm just sayin'.

In some circles pishing can mean something other than making a "pish sound" to attract birds. It can be slang for urination. So this underwear might also be interpreted as some kind of odd warning or declaration of strange ability:

That's great. You go with your ability to pish anywhere. Or then there's this:

No, I don't want to hear a big pish story! Yikes! And then there this:

If you don't know what the device is pictured in the silhouette, this could be especially frightening underwear to a non birder. And let's not forget about the life list, not everyone knows what that is, so this could imply an entirely different meaning:

And it would just get worse as the number goes up:

Just kind of makes it sound like you've been around the block way too many times. Here's another:

Let's not beat around the bush on the above underwear, it kind of makes the wearer sound like a lot of birders have had a good time in that area. 'Nuff said. I think the following would go one step further for causing a non birder to run screaming from the boudoir:

The above is technically bird bander underwear, but terrifying to anyone not in the know to see that on a pair of panties.

And then this pair. Well this pair might make the person think that you want to do things with birds that you only read about certain movies stars doing in tabloids:

Just a warning to all you birders out there from someone who has been married to a non birder for a long time. Careful about your choice of underwear.