Nazca Boobie Field Assistant

If I were single, I would so apply for this field assistant position. Anyone in dire need of a change of pace or a month and half to escape your current life and do something really cool in a remote area? Check this out:

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS--NAZCA BOOBIES. Two field assistants needed mid-Mar to early May 2009 for work on breeding biology of Nazca boobies on Espanola Island, Galapagos, Ecuador. The assistants will join a group totaling five continuing a long-term study of this species. Majority of the work will be identifying banded parents at nests and banding nestlings, 8-10 hrs per day of physically taxing and fascinating work in an incredible place. The group will live in tents and a primitive field camp on this uninhabited island, a day's boat ride from the nearest civilization. Requirements: physical fitness, tolerance of heat and sun, cheerful can-do attitude. Previous field experience a strong plus, Spanish desirable. All expenses paid, including travel from your home base. No salary. These positions will be filled as soon as possible. Please send a CV, contact information for three references, and cover letter to DR. DAVE ANDERSON at Wake Forest University ((EM: da AT