New Year Is Off To A Bang Thanks To The Blog

I'm playing with a host of motion sensitive cameras lately--I'm loving all the pine siskin action this winter.

My favorite photos are the ones where the birds fly a little to fast and the camera speed can't keep up, so they come out a little funky. I'm noticing that quite a few of the birds that Mark and Roger have banded are still sticking around, like the above titmouse. We haven't banded too many of those, perhaps it is the titmouse from this banding session?

So, I'm off to a kind of funky week--funky in a good way. I am Non Birding Bill-deprived. He left Monday for Mac World Expo. I leave Thursday for Bird Watch America. NBB returns on Friday, I return on Sunday. It's unusual for us to travel separately at the same time and of course, it's always strange with the spouse is away. So the week is weird to begin with.

Then, I got a call the other night. It was Guatemala. They wanted to know if I'd like to come on a fam tour (kind of like a press tour) in February.

After I picked up the pieces of my exploded brain, I said, "Can I have 24 hours to make sure I can get the time off from the park service?"

I also needed some time to figure out my passport. Well, thanks to some great advice from well traveled friends, the help of my mom and brother gathering up a certified copy of my birth certificate down in Indiana the process is plugging along. If all goes well, at the end of February, I'll be bringing you some fun entries of the Central American birding experience. Does anyone have anything specific you'd like me to look into in Guatemala--or advice?

I have to thank Mike over at 10,000 Birds for putting the good word in for me in Guatemala. The bonus is that I'll get hang with him while I'm down there. When we end up at bird festivals, we're both so busy, we barely have time to talk. Speaking of Mike, did you hear is weird little explanation of the "12 Days of Christmas" over on the December 24, 2008 podcast of Birdwatch Radio? Check it out if you didn't, it's worth a giggle.

And I got a nice note from Julie Zickefoose in an interview she did for Nature Blog Network. She got started blogging by guest blogging for me when I went on the Ivory-billed Woodpecker search the first two weeks of December 2005. Here's one of my favorite Chet Baker entries that she did. It was strictly selfish. She's one of my favorite writers and I hoped that if she got hooked on blogging she would start her own. She did.

Anyway, it's an interesting interview, check it out.

Okay, now I need to get my stuff together for Atlanta. I'll be heading to Bird Watch America to see the latest and greatest in birding product coming down the pike. Is anyone looking for anything in particular? Let me know, and I'll see what I can find out.