Kroening Interpretive Center

kroening-interpretive-center Saturday, I did a Spring Birding Program at Kroening Interpretive Center and discovered a great little park, mere minutes from my home.  The center is in North Mississippi Park, a small park right on the river (and part of the National Park I work for, the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area).  I can't believe I haven't been here before.  There's a great view of a heron rookery and now is the best time to go see it.


Since the leaves are off the trees, the birds and their nests are easily visible.  Also, it's just the start of the mating season, so there's lots of activity as the birds put their nests together.  Once the leaves grow in, the nests will be almost impossible to see.


If you are interested in getting any photos of the birds, the afternoon is the best time, the sun is behind you from the trail and you can get some decent shots.  I may go back on Tuesday afternoon.


We saw several other birds like this male kestrel, tree swallows, and song sparrows.  I just saw my first of year yellow-rumped warbler today and I bet this park will be chock full of warblers since it's right on the river.  I can't wait to go back.

They have some great programs coming up at Kroening, so be sure to check it out.