Mysterious Robber Bees

junco We still have juncos moving through, many were starting to sing some of their territory songs over the weekend.  Some even chased each other through the brush piles as the flocks start their northward migration.


Lorraine has been gleaning honey from the remainders of the Kelli and Kitty hives.  As she put the wrecked frames outside, we got some robber bees coming in to them!


Little honeybees came in to claim what honey we had not.  We currently have no active hives in our beeyard...where are these girls coming from? Is it possible that these are bees from our first summer that swarmed off of the Kitty hive?  Or is a neighbor also keeping bees?  Honeybees will fly 2.5 - 5 miles away from the hive in search of food, so it is conceivable that these are from a neighboring hive.  But it's more fun to think them being the Kitty bees.  Oh, how I wish I had a little robotic, remote-controlled, helicopter bee cam!