Mind Games With A Crow

crows This is not the best photo, but these crows were just outside my kitchen window trying to pick some plastic flap off of the telephone wires.  These must be young crows trying to figure out what is edible.  I wonder what gave them the idea that this orange tag might lead to food?

I crouched behind a chair with a jacket over the back and using that as sort of a blind.  As my D40 camera was clicking. One crow looked up and in my direction.  I hid behind the chair without taking photos and after about 20 seconds, leaned to the side.  The crow was craning its neck trying to figure out what was there.  I started to make young crow calls, then it flew right at my window.

Normally, the crows in my neighborhood are very cagey and never land anywhere near a window, so I wonder if this is a young of the year learning the ropes.  He eventually flew off, but it will be interesting to see if this curiosity is a boon or a bust for his winter survival.