Woodpeckers, Suet and Suet Sandwich Feeder

I mentioned earlier that I'm partnering with OpenSky.  It's an online store with birding products that I like. Part of my end of the deal is to make blog entries and videos of the product I like.  Non Birding Bill and I see this as an opportunity to create some short fun birding videos.  Below is one on woodpeckers and suet filmed in Mr. Neil's backyard. It's about four minutes long, safe for work and has a great photo of a woodpecker tongue. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJMZf472jmo[/youtube]

If you are interested in this feeder, you can purchase it here.  It really does work well to keep raccoons out and I've had great success chaining to to tree branches (with a lock) to keep raccoons from running off with the feeder and it's fatty booty in the middle of the night.