Roadrunner Attacking Cowbird Video

I love birding--you can do it anywhere and I love to show people that.  To prove it, I called some friends: WildBird on the Fly and Clay Taylor and said, "Let's make some videos on birding and digiscoping in Las Vegas.  We are probably going to have at least 4 when Non Birding Bill is finished editing them (and one with a very exciting guest!).  So, here is one of them, this was done at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and features the video footage of the roadrunner nailing the cowbird: [youtube][/youtube]

I'd like to thank Swarovski Optik for making these videos possible.  This was all filmed with your basic digital cameras from point and shoot, to handheld video to digital SLRs and Swarovski spotting scopes.

Don't forget, I have a digiscoping contest going on, where you could win some great Swarovski binoculars!