Tibetan Sky Burials

WARNING! I'M POSTING A VERY GRAPHIC LINK. IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH OR ARE REMOTELY SQUEAMISH, DO NOT CLICK. SECOND WARNING! The first link I posted has graphic pornography ads on the same page as the vulture images.  I had no idea because my ad blocking software completely blocked it when I checked the link.  I posted a second link with no naughty ads at the end.  I hope no one got in trouble at work for checking that link.

Edit to add: There are also ads for "adult" sites on the page. Our apologies.

If you have a strong stomach and want to see the "greenest" funeral possible, then check out this photo series of a Tibetan Sky Burial.  With a lack of trees for a funeral pyre and a hard, rocky soil not easy for burial, they use what they have .  Honestly, this is how I would love to be disposed of, but Non Birding Bill understandable refuses to help with such an endeavor.

Here is a link to the series of photos, without the naughty ads.