Golden Eagle 42's Southward Movement

goea42 Oct 27 Golden Eagle 42 is still bookin' it south in Minnesota and taking an interesting way down towards Wabasha.  Mark Martell reported this morning:

"Our eagle spent last night in Itasca County, MN about 3 mi. NE of Battle Island. He has been steadily making his way south at about 30 – 40 miles per day since Oct 23. The exception being Oct. 24 when he was on the Chippewa National Forest about 16 miles east of Lake Winnibigoshish and he made almost no movement."

There have been 111 Golden Eagles counted over Hawk Ridge so far this year, obviously our bird was not one of them. Is he an outlier and not following the main migratory path, or does this mean there is an even larger and broader migration of golden’s going through northern MN? And if so, where do they winter? Winter counts turn up around 80 eagles in SE Minn, and SW WI, are there more Golden Eagles in the area or are some going further south?"

Now, I'm curious if he will follow the St. Croix to the Mississippi River and then on down to Wabasha?  Will he fly over the Twin Cities, mixed in with a flock of bald eagles?  Can't wait to see where he goes.  Learn more about Golden Eagle 42 at Audubon Minnesota.