Memorable Hummingbird Stories

I'm writing an article for Bowtie's Popular Bird Series Hummingbird Issue and one of the editors emailed that she is looking for reader submissions of memorable hummingbird stores in 300 words or less.  Annika Small says she's looking for stories like you were having a bad day and a hummingbird came into view, brightening your outlook or you were once mesmerized staring out your kitchen window at a hummer or two visiting one of your feeders? Did you see an unusual hummingbird passing through your property one summer? Have you taken a vacation just to look for hummingbirds? Please send your favorite hummingbird memory to Annika at, no later than Nov. 16, 2009. The best memories will be published in the upcoming Hummingbirds issue of the Popular Birding Series, which will be on newsstands in early spring. Please include your full name and address in your e-mail.