This Time Next Week Is Canopy Tower In Panama

I drove Non Birding Bill into work this morning because I couldn't stand the thought of him standing at his usual bus stop in -1. Afterwards, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some ingredients of a ratatouille to remind me of summer and impulse bought a "Watch 'Em Grow" purple hyacinth. I glared at the sunbow in the sky and thought, this time next week--I'll be in Panama--specifically Canopy Tower.

I'm currently in the process of finishing up articles and obligations before I go. One of them being Government on Display at the Mall of America answering your park ranger questions from 10am - 4pm this Saturday--stop by and say hello if you are there.

I did not take the following photos, they were sent to tantalize me by the guides at the Tower:

Picture 15.png

I'm distracted by how many cameras I can take with me--wth birds like this golden hooded tanager (Photo by Cedrick NG) on the line--I have to get as many photos as possible. My digiscoping set up is coming for sure, but I think this time I will also bring along my WingScapes Camera and I picked up another live streaming video camera that I might add in. The tower has bird feeders so it'd be fun to get some crazy exotic birds with it. I'm not sure, I'll have to see how it all fits. I generally do not put cameras and scope in my checked luggage--I carry it, I know where it is and it won't disappear through any mysterious baggage checks.. But there are only so many optics and cameras I can squeeze into my backpack.

Picture 17.png

I'm also looking forward to some crazy hummingbird action while I'm there--like this rufous-crested coquette (photo by David Tipling). So, are there any birds you would like me to try and document? They are all going to be good for me--especially since digiscoping birds in Central American trees is a challenge but if there's a bird you've heard about in Panama and you want to give me a mission--I'll sure try.

It's not limited to just birds--primates are a possibility as is a sloth--my head will implode if I get to digiscope a sloth. I can hear NBB in my head, "What kind of a challenge is a sloth--they move kinda slow," but who cares, it's an iconic animal to me.