Yes, I Have Seen The Story About The Burned Hawk

There's an unbelievable story from Chicago Breaking News about a that was badly burned as the result of a plane crash near the Aurora Airport. This was not a case of the hawk flying into the plane, this was the result of the hawk being at the wrong roost at the wrong time. There's kind of a nasty photo of the bird on the news page and the feathers sustained so much damage that the hawk is unidentifiable by wildlife rehabbers. The bird's head shape and location make me think it's a red-tailed hawk.

The rehabbers seem to think that the worst burns are around the eyes and that it is quite possible that this bird could make a full recovery and be released. We'll see.

A hawk flying into power lines and catching fire was the inspiration for the philanthropic wine label Burning Hawk, I wonder if they have seen this story yet?