Cooper's Hawk and Crow

I caught this interesting interaction between a Cooper's hawk and crow.  I had noticed the crow going back and forth throughout the day and figured it had a nest nearby and was bringing back food.  Later, I heard red-winged blackbirds giving their aerial predator call and looked up.  The crow was chasing a Cooper's hawk.  The hawk circled as though to glide into a thermal but then turned the tables and chased the crow.

The crow managed to dodge the hawk, flap upward and then get in a position to dive at the hawk.  The shape of the crow reminds me a bit of a stealth bomber.  It was interesting to watch one crow chase a raptor instead of a full on murder of crows mobbing the crap out of a red-tailed hawk or great horned owl.  I think the crow had a nest and territory to protect, but realized it was not part of a flock and Cooper's hawks are crazy enough mothers and not to push the envelope too much.

But a fast accipiter like a Cooper's hawk is a master of maneuvers and soon was above the crow again.  The hawk didn't appear to be seriously diving for the crow, just giving it a warning to back off.

The crow continued its pursuit and was once again above the hawk--it even dropped its landing gear down towards the hawk.

But once again the Cooper's hawk got above the crow and showed it some real landing gear.  The birds took turns diving after until they were well out of sight.  I'm sure the crow eventually gave up its pursuit and that the smaller Cooper's wouldn't have been quite sure what to do with the crow if it actually nailed it in midair. The interaction seemed to be the equivalent of two birds trying to get the last word in.