Walter Pigeon needs a home

Hello all, NBB here with a bit of an unusual request. You may recall that earlier this year Sharon came home to find an unexpected visitor in our home, a tame pigeon who quickly won her heart. And a perch on her head.

We, alas, could not keep the bird (who was very friendly—too friendly, we suspect, to have survived in the wild). We later found out that it had been raised by people who no longer wanted to take care of it.

On that matter, I shall refrain from comment. Insert your own Yosemite Sam impression here.

A friend of ours, Melissa, was able to take the bird in, named it "Walter," and was subsequently surprised when "he" started laying eggs. Now comes the bad news. Melissa has moved to an apartment that doesn't allow pets, so Walter really needs to find a new home. She has this to say:

She is a tame, healthy common pigeon. Pigeons and doves are generally easy to feed and care for, and Walter is quite friendly and easy to handle outside of her cage. I will happily supply all the equipment I have along with the bird, but she should have a larger cage as a permanent home. I can also travel to deliver her to a new home.

If you're in the Twin Cities area and can give this friendly bird a home, please leave a comment here or contact Melissa through her LiveJournal site.

Thank you.