Birds and Beers This Thursday!

It's last minute, but there is a Birds and Beers this Thursday, July 29 at Merlin's Rest at 6pm! We can discuss the orange-billed nightengale thrush in South Dakota or strategies for applying to be president for the American Birding Association Presidency! Also, I booked the next Birds and Beers on Tuesday, August 17 at 6pm at Merlin's Rest.

What is Birds and Beers?  It's an informal gathering of birders of ALL abilities to meet outside of the Internet and connect.  Are you a hardcore lister--you're invited. Are you a researcher working on a cool project and want to recruit volunteers or just talk about your study--you're invited. Are you someone who just enjoys the birds you see out of your kitchen window--you're invited. Are you a birding guide and want to promote your tours and business--you're invited. Are you someone who has heard of this whole bird watching thing and want to see what it's all about--you're invited!  Looking for birders to volunteer at a booth for the State Fair--you're invited!

It's low key and it's fun.  Maybe you'll find a new friend to enjoy birds in the field?  Maybe you'll learn that secret spot to finally see a Henslow's sparrow?  Maybe you'll learn some tips on thwarting grackles from your feeder?