Feeder Wrens Hatched!

Last night on Twitter, Mr. Neil posted a photo alerting me that the house wrens in the squirrel proof feeder hatched.  Look at those little naked chicks, they look fresh from the shell! Look at the wee little toes! It looks like three of them have hatched and last I checked, there were four eggs.  I'll be out on Wednesday to indulge in my fried green tomato habit (my all time favorite food outside of roasted eggplant with parmesan cheese...and well, bacon--but really, bacon should always go without saying).  Anyway, I'll be out tomorrow to check on the hatchlings.

I looked at my original blog post on July 13 when I predicted that incubation would start on the 14th and twelve days of incubation.  And what do you know?  Yesterday, July 26 would have been 12 days of incubation!  That means in two weeks or around August 8, the wrens will probably fledge.  Then they have lots to learn on how to feed themselves and then the will commence to migratin'.  They have a lot of work to do in a very little amount of time.