Have You Seen The Sibley Poster?

David Sibley has created a "backyard birds" poster.  While I don't think this will replace the millions of Klimpt and Dali posters hanging on college students dorm room walls, I do think it will be very popular in kitchens and nature centers.  The Sibley's Backyard Birds of Eastern North America poster features 98 common species in 144 illustrations--including both males and females of each species.  It's a handy tool for backyard bird feeding stations...although, the poster does not include in any raptors, so if a Cooper's hawk or sharp-shinned hawk shows up, the poster won't help you with that one.

The poster does organize the birds into their family groups and the illustrations of each species are in relative scale to show differences in size.  The posters run about $30 unframed (or $175 framed).  According to this page, if you use the coupon code of "SIBLEYNEWS" when ordering, you can receive 10% off.  This is sure to appeal to people who love this Sibley guide and who have backyard feeding stations.