Friendly Hummingbird Reminder

Here is a female ruby-throated hummingbird that I digiscoped today.  She was perched in a showy mountain ash tree and it reminded to me put in the blog: DO NOT TAKE YOUR HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS IN ON LABOR DAY!

Well, you can take your nectar feeders in if you are tired of watching hummingbirds.  However, if you have heard or read some where that if you leave your feeder out, it could prevent the birds from migrating south, that is not true.  It's possible to see hummingbirds heading south all the way into early October up here in Minnesota--even later the further the south you live in the US.  They can take the cooler temperatures--even a few nights below thirty degrees. Those later birds will appreciate the extra nectar sources if you keep your feeder out.

To track the southward migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds, visit here.

Oh and speaking of hummingbirds, check out this lighter colored one found in Ohio!