Twitter Digiscoping Duel #birding

I love digiscoping and I love blogging.  After you've had a blog for awhile, you try to think up ways to keep it interesting for you and for your readers--otherwise it will just fall apart.  As Facebook and Twitter have grown, my time spent blogging is now spent interacting with folks online.  I try to divide up my time to upload posts, Tweet and Facebook, but still go outdoors.

I love to digiscope my feeder birds, but how many photos of white-breasted nuthatches can I post before readers go, "Oh, wow, another nuthatch photo.  They eat nuts just like she says...all...the...time." I wondered how could I channel my love of digiscoping, birds and social media...then it hit me--I challenged my fellow digiscoper--Clay Taylor to an online digiscoping duel tomorrow on Twitter.

Clay lives in Texas, I will be at Mr. Neil's house.  I set a challenge to see who can take the most photos of birds with digiscoping and post them to Twitter from their respective yards before 4 pm Central Time.  You can follow this contest online if you have a Twitter account by following me @Birdchick and Clay @CTaylorBirder.  If you used an application for managing your Twitter follows, we will also use the hashtags #digiduel and #birding as we upload photos of birds.  Feel free to retweet photos you like them.  With fall migration, we should get some interesting shots.

I love this idea because Clay and I can kind of bird together but in different parts of the country and we can share our birds for a compare and contrast for others to see--and we don't have to fly in a plane.  I'll be curious to see how this pans out.  Since he's in Texas, he could have more birds...but if the winds are weird or his online connection is wonky, I could post more photos before he can.  Either way, there will be some awesome birds on Twitter tomorrow.