Birder's Exchange

If you are not familiar with Birder's Exchange, you should be.  It's the American Birding Association's world-renowned conservation initiative, to help Neotropical migratory birds by promoting good science and public awareness in Neotropical regions. In these areas, many researchers, educators, and conservationists work without the most basic equipment. The ABA addresses this need for equipment and educational tools and contributes to bird conservation through its Birders' Exchange program. Birders' Exchange takes new and used birding equipment and educational materials and matches it with local scientists, conservationists, and educators, in Latin America and the Caribbean. Find out more about this exciting program and how you can get involved by exploring the Birders' Exchange website now! There are several ways that you can help--have an old pair of binoculars that still work well?  You can donate them.  Have some spare cash, even $5?  The Birder's Exchange will take that purchase equipment for researchers in the Neotropics.  Do you have an upcoming trip to a country in Latin America or the Caribbean? Would you be willing to take down donated equipment in your luggage on behalf of Birders' Exchange? There are several ways to help.

Here's a video that does a great job explaining the program and includes some great bird footage: