The Penguin's Fowl Play

Hello all, NBB here. Sharon's off to give a presentation in Missouri, so she's asked me to entertain you for the evening. So, I present to you The Penguin's Fowl Play!

It's a Batman adventure (courtesy of the Gone and Forgotten blog, which brings us vintage comic book insanity). In it, the Penguin comes up with a plot to rob a camera plan of its silver (and why not?) using, of course, birds. He does this, naturally by convincing a bird expert to create a "Bird Encyclopedia" using pictures of his rare avian friends (which he has on hand).

Little background: this actually happened. I don't want to mention any names, but why do you think a certain Mr. Sibley decided to use paintings in his field guide???

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And in addition to being a thrilling adventure of the Dynamic Duo, it also educates, as well as entertains!

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