Valentine's Inspiration 7

Once again, we look to Sir David Attenborough for bird inspiration for hot moves on Valentine's Day.  This time, we're watching one of my favorite courtship rituals: albatross.  Below is a video for waved albatross: [youtube][/youtube]

My goodness, the first part was getting me a tad hot under the collar--such tenderness with such sharp beaks!  Then when the birds made their strange noises and odd dance movies, it reminded me of what I think people must think Non Birding Bill and I are like.  We've been together since 1994 that we have a sort of a twin speak when we have conversations and we've been known to flail in odd synchronization from time to time.  But that's all part of reestablishing that pair bond.

Incidentally, props to Sir David.  How many naturalists do you know who can keep a straight face and make you feel as though you should give your full attention and not giggle like a thirteen year old while a pair of albatross are knocking the boots right in front of him.  Well played, Sir, well played.

If you would like more albatross information, check out this video from Arkive--these are laysan albatross and they make some CRAZY clicking sounds.