Valentine's Inspiration 14 #birding

Today's final bird was a tough choice.  Do I go with the Moonwalking Bird? But that's been linked to to death.  Then there's the Lyrebird but again, that's a bird that's made the rounds on websites.  I wanted something special.  And then I found it from both Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Geographic. This bird is a club-winged manakin (related to the Moonwalking bird, the red-capped manakin) and can make his body literally sing to attract a mate:


What better way to keep that pair bond strong than by putting your whole body into it?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Inspiration 12

Let's check out one of the rarest parrots on the planet for some Valentine's Day pointers and tips. Males walk high on top of a hill, furrow into a little ditch and then booming out a low register call to attract a female. Because there are so few kakapos left there are breeding programs and the birds are closely monitored, but sometimes things can get a little funky in the breeding program. [youtube][/youtube]

This is a good warning that if you use some of these techniques, be prepared to deal with the consequences. Flightless parrots with rampant hormones don't always realize that, "Ow means no."

Valentine's Inspiration 11

This is how old pair bonds do it. The male blows out his giant throat balloon while making belching noises.  Normally, I'd warn against doing this, but Magnificent Frigatebirds are well populated so it must lead somewhere: [youtube][/youtube]

Valentine's Inspiration 10

Good things can come in small packages and in the case of the incredible hummingbird known as the marvelous spatuletail, it should give hope to anyone who worries they are too small to attract a mate: [youtube][/youtube]

Isn't that incredible?  It's almost as if the bird is a computer generated image!  Can you believe there are only about 1000 of these birds left?  Learn more about the filming of this rare footage below:


Valentine's Inspiration 9

[youtube][/youtube] Today's Valentine's Day inspiration comes from one of the coolest ducks in North America: The Ruddy Duck!  Their display shows that there is truly someone for everyone.  If you need to renew that spark or pair bond with your partner, this might be something to shake things up to epic proportions.  Find a pool or large bathtub.  Float around and gather a bunch of bubbles at your chest, then pound it with your chin while making a flatulent sound (with your mouth, not the other end).*  If you have trouble creating bubbles with your chest, consider trying this technique in a hot tub.

Some ladies can't resist a little stifftail like the ruddy duck.

*Warning, use of the technique may result in blue bills.

Valentine's Inspiration 8

[youtube][/youtube] And let's look to the lovely, pink of the Chilean flamingo for today's Valentine's Day inspiration.  Sometimes, a quirky little dance is all that's needed to make your partner smile and keep that pair bond alive.

Speaking of flamingos, did anyone see Disney's Crimson Wing?


I have no idea if I will ever make it to that area, but I am so grateful for modern technology and the ability to bring that AMAZING site into my living room on a morning when the windchill is -21 degrees Fahrenheit.

Valentine's Inspiration 7

Once again, we look to Sir David Attenborough for bird inspiration for hot moves on Valentine's Day.  This time, we're watching one of my favorite courtship rituals: albatross.  Below is a video for waved albatross: [youtube][/youtube]

My goodness, the first part was getting me a tad hot under the collar--such tenderness with such sharp beaks!  Then when the birds made their strange noises and odd dance movies, it reminded me of what I think people must think Non Birding Bill and I are like.  We've been together since 1994 that we have a sort of a twin speak when we have conversations and we've been known to flail in odd synchronization from time to time.  But that's all part of reestablishing that pair bond.

Incidentally, props to Sir David.  How many naturalists do you know who can keep a straight face and make you feel as though you should give your full attention and not giggle like a thirteen year old while a pair of albatross are knocking the boots right in front of him.  Well played, Sir, well played.

If you would like more albatross information, check out this video from Arkive--these are laysan albatross and they make some CRAZY clicking sounds.

Valentine's Inspiration 6

[youtube][/youtube] Today, we go to Sir David Attenborough and look to the 12 wired bird-of-paradise for inspiration for Valentine's Day.  In this daring display, it's all about knowing what your partner needs.  Some prefer something beyond the usual flowers and chocolates.  They desire more than the holding of hands, they want you to take the wirey hair like structures on your backside and rub them in their face.  After making that bold of a move and rocking their world, it's important to reassure them with a little peck or two.  Sensing your partner's deeper, most secret desires is the key to a long lasting, passionate pair bond.

Valentine’s Inspiration 4

[youtube][/youtube] Some people are quirky and like to get funky with their partners. So for them, let's get Valentine's Day inspiration from the greater prairie chicken mating dance.  Bunch of guys, hooting and stamping, chest pumping all for the attention of their special mate.

And because size isn't everything, even the lesser prairie chickens know how to get down and funky for their partners: