Favorite Live Cams At The Moment

There are a ton of live streaming bird cams going on throughout the year and two of my favorites are going on right now.

One favorite that has a brief window is the Sandhill Crane Live Cam at Rowe Sanctuary in Kearney, NE this month.  The cam is best viewed at dawn and dusk but it appears to run all day and the sound is INCREDIBLE.  If you've never birded Nebraska in March, you're missing out!  A million snow geese and a 60,000 sandhill cranes can be found at dawn and dusk along the Platte River.  If you cannot travel and sit in one of the blinds, you can at least enjoy the sites and sounds of crane cam.  I especially enjoy hearing the robins and red-winged blackbirds that haven't quite arrived here in Minnesota just yet.

The second cam is a live cam on an Allen's hummingbird nest.  The quality on the video is amazing and again, you can hear great birds like the house wren, giving us a taste of spring to come.  She has 2 chicks right now and they grow fast.