The Tsunami and Nesting Seabirds

Non Birding Bill and I talked about this on Monday's podcast, but here is a first had report. The stories and images coming for Japan after the earthquake and tsunami are heartbreaking. The tsunami not only devastated many towns in that country, but it also affect nesting albatross and petrels on Midway Atoll.  Albatross nest on the ground and petrels nest in burrows.  Chicks and adults were washed into and stuck in vegetation or washed out to sea. Some adults were so waterlogged that they could not fly off the water. Petrels in their burrows were buried. This blog is the story of someone on the island who was there to help. They couldn't save all, but they saved many. With all of the heartbreaking stories coming from this immense natural disaster, it's nice to find hope where we can.

For those who missed the podcast, the oldest albatross, Wisdom, did survive the tsunami as well.